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Dalmatian Dog


Dermatology for your Dog or Cat

Symptoms:  Allergies are one of the most common dermatological problems in dogs and cats. Allergies can make your pet miserable, but there are various treatments to help relieve the symptoms. Common symptoms of pet allergies include:

  • Excessive scratching and face rubbing

  • Excessive licking of feet, legs, and abdomen

  • Hair loss

  • Biting and chewing at the skin

  • Recurring skin infections

  • Frequent ear infections

  • Chronic anal sac problems


Central Valley Animal Hospital performs allergy testing for dogs and cats. Using a process called serum allergy testing, we take a small blood sample from your pet and send it to a laboratory for specialized analysis. This test will help identify the specific allergens causing your pet’s allergy problem. Once we have identified the allergens causing your pet’s reaction, we will treat your pet using a specialized serum containing small quantities of these allergens formulated specifically for your pet.

Our dermatology services will help diagnose and treat chronic allergy symptoms in dogs and cats. Our veterinarians can diagnose and treat a variety of dermatological conditions such as:

  • Food and contact allergies

  • Allergic reactions to inhalants and fleas

  • Parasites (fleas and mites)

  • Autoimmune related skin diseases

  • Infectious diseases (bacterial and fungal)

  • Hormonal diseases

  • Recurring ear infections

  • Skin cancer

If your pet is experiencing allergy symptoms, call us today to schedule an examination and discuss treatment options.

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