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Cruciate (ACL) Knee Surgery, Low cost, cutting-edge

TTA Rapid: The New Face of ACL Knee Surgery

TTA Rapid is the new face of ACL surgery and Central Valley Animal Hospital is at the forefront of this innovative, non-invasive technique.  Dr. Waters has been instrumental in redefining the role of minimally invasive surgery and diagnostics in veterinary medicine. She utilizes the most cutting-edge surgical equipment, techniques, diagnostics, and groundbreaking methods to provide our clients with the highest quality of medical care and most effective solutions. Dr. Waters regularly attends surgical meetings throughout the year to keep abreast of the latest technology with veterinarians around the world, and is extremely pleased and impressed with the postoperative results of the TTA Rapid to stabilize the knee joint in dogs.

TTA Rapid, an alternative surgery for the treatment of ACL injuries, was only recently introduced to the United States. Dr. Waters is only one of the few veterinarians in the entire world who are experienced and certified in performing this innovative surgical technique. She has been performing cruciate repair (ACL/CCL) surgeries for years, and was very excited to become certified to perform the TTA Rapid procedure. She is thrilled to be offering the new TTA Rapid to her clients and their furry friends. Best yet, we've decided that because so many dogs are in need of knee (ACL/stifle stabilization), we are offering this surgery for only $2300-2500 per knee (dependant on the size of the dog).

The ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, is one of the four main ligaments of the knee, and it helps to stabilize the knee during landing or rotating. Treatment of a torn ACL involves surgery, rehabilitation, and pain management. In some cases rehabilitation, as well as weight & pain management, become part of a lifelong plan for animals, especially if they are older or have predisposed conditions.

TTA Rapid surgery has recently become one of the newest and most effective surgeries available for the treatment of ACL injuries. It most closely restores the normal biomechanics of the knee by using the least invasive surgery to stabilize the joint with minimal arthritic damage to the joint. This procedure is more accurate than other well-used surgeries, resulting in rapid healing, less inflammation, and recovery within weeks of surgery as opposed to months. Additionally, it relies on titanium implants, which carry less risk of infection and rejection and allows for a larger range of movement than in other ACL injury surgeries, such as the TPLO.

TPLO is another type of surgery used by veterinarians for treatment of ACL injuries. In a TPLO procedure, the tibia, or weight-bearing part of the knee joint, is surgically cut and altered to a different angle; implants hold the knee in place while the joint heals to its new position. It’s not only extremely invasive, but the accuracy of success is dependent on a multitude of factors, the post-operative healing is extended, and recovery typically take months. Additionally, the surgery itself, while helpful in treating the ACL injury, also causes increased forces within the knee, possible permanent loss of some range of motion, and the knee is more difficult to extend post-surgery. However, there are a certain percentage of dogs who benefit more from the TPLO procedure vs the TTA Rapid. Dr. Waters will evaluate your dog and help determine which surgery would best suit your dog for an optimal outcome. We do provide the TPLO procedure at our clinic as well (although the TPLO is at a slightly higher cost than the TTA procedure). Some dogs, due to anatomic conformation or other issues, are better candidates for the TPLO procedure.

If you suspect that your animal companion has recently had an ACL injury (ie, it starts limping on one of its hind legs), call us to set up a consultation with Dr. Waters. She will evaluate your furry loved one and work with you to determine the best course of action for your pet. Our goal is to ensure that your best friend experiences the least amount of pain during and after surgery, followed by a quick and safe recovery without the long-term effects of older, traditional ACL surgical techniques.


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