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Closeup of a Black Dog


Dogs and cats may exhibit signs of ocular disease differently, but the following is a list of common symptoms to watch for regarding your pet’s eye health:

  • Squinting or holding eye(s) shut

  • Scratching or rubbing at eye(s)

  • Excessive green or yellow discharge

  • Swelling of the eye(s) or eyelid(s)

  • A change in color, especially cloudiness or redness

The following symptoms are extremely serious and considered an emergency:

  • A very red eye

  • A cloudy or blue eye

  • Bleeding in the eye

  • Blood coming from the eye

  • Foreign object in the eye

  • Severe squinting

  • Swelling of the eye or lids

  • Bulging of the eye itself

  • Sudden trauma to the eye

Please contact us immediately if your pet is experiencing any severe symptoms of eye trauma.

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